Our Trainers


Our Personal  Training  Team : I feel is one of the best in Wilmington. With 35 years experience as a Personal Trainer and Strength Coach, I knew what I needed to find in trainers for 24/FIT.  Our team is extremely talented and patient. They all have their individual gifts they bring to the 24/Fit table. Things like experience, confidence, concern for their clients, nutritional and training knowledge, versatility, and passion for their careers. I have great confidence in all our trainers

Julia Witchek:

With over twenty years of experience as a personal trainer and fitness enthusiast, she is the total package. Experience, knowledge, enthusiasm, and dedication to her clients. Julia is an extremely thorough and precise individual. She is an educator as well as trainer. Her attitude and caring nature goes way beyond her clients, it is contagious throughout the entire 24/Fit population and staff.

Sherri  Gray:

Not only is Sherry an excellent trainer, but an accomplished Body Builder. She has several titles. The most recent was a 2nd Place in the IFBB North American Championships(Masters 35+Division). A First Place in The Masters Nationals Bodybuilding,Fitness,Figure and Bikini Championships.(Masters 35+Division). As you can see Sherry rounds out our staff by adding a new dimension to our team. She is our body sculpture and physique expert along with having a wealth of  nutritional knowledge. Sherry is extremely multi dimensional. She is a great addition to our team.

Jeff Herdemian:

Jeff, comes to 24/Fit from PPD where he is presently the Head Trainer. His role is a golf specialist. He is an excellent overall trainer, with an elaborate abundance of strength training techniques for golf. I have great confidence in his ability to take our members to the next level whatever that might be. His enthusiasm is contagious, and we are proud to have him on our team.

Joe Ferreira:

Personal Trainer and Owner of 24/Fit. Joe has over 35 years experience as a gym owner, trainer, strength coach, he is an athletic trainer, has a Masters in Nutrition and an Instructor for the American Red Cross in CPR &First Aid. Joe is the captain of this elite team and with his experience and passion for fitness the members of 24/Fit will be in great hands