Joe Ferrierra was my personal trainer for several years. We met 2-3 times a week for regular training sessions. His intense and dedicated fitness routines have yielded extraordinary physical and mental results. I can honestly say that Joe has changed my life; I lost weight, gained muscle and strength, agility, fitness, nutrition and a lot of self- confidence. I am a 37 year old woman with multiple surgeries on my left leg and had 3 total knee replacements, that never seemed to be a challenge for Joe. He made sure that he was in conjunction with my Orthopedic surgeon, and under the guidelines my doctor gave to him. Joe came up with very ingenious ways to still get an intense workout with out putting me in harms way. Joe was very creative in my routines leaving no room for dullness or monotony. Joe’s professionalism was amazing, not only did he make sure that I turned my life around with exercise, he made sure that I was eating a proper healthy diet. Joe would say to me “EXERCISE WILL MAKE THE MUSCLES GROW, NUTRITION WILL MAKE THE MUSCLES SHOW!” Joe’s personal dedication and commitment to my physical and mental achievement simply reflects his invaluable knowledge and passion for his chosen field.

Dana D.

Joe Ferreira changed my life in many ways. Joe taught me about nutrition, strength, and the importance of mentoring others.

I love Joe’s motto, “exercise makes the muscle grow but nutrition makes the muscle show.” Joe spent many hours drilling me during my workouts on the importance of nutrition. Joe reminded me to make smart choices so my workouts count and he taught me the importance of the right combination of nutrients so that I could maximize my athletic performance.

Joe challenged me during workouts. Because of Joe’s expertise and passion I was pushed well beyond what I thought I was capable of physically and mentally. My confidence grew and I saw obvious results very quickly from Joe’s coaching. From Joe’s experience and knowledge, he knows how to challenge people and make them better yet always showing compassion and care.

When I think of Joe Ferreira I think of someone who is an ultimate professional someone who passionately cares about fitness and about people. Joe is a man that acts with integrity and loyalty in every thing he does. Joe leads by example in and out of the gym. Joe has been my mentor in the gym and now he helps me lead a profitable fitness career as a personal trainer myself.

Thank you Joe for being a great role model and someone who leads his life with passion and integrity!

Angie M.

I’ve had the opportunity to go to a number of gyms in my many years and never has one been as delightful as yours. Your caring manner and your positive attitude really inspires me to try hard which is not always easy. The physical plant is immaculate and well organized. Your staff is warm and friendly. You are to be congratulated for managing an A-one facility. I appreciate your efforts.

Happy, Healthy, successful 2012

Sue A.

Sincerely, I just wanted to thank you for personally taking the time to show me around the gym and to plan a fitness routine for me. It has been years since I have been to a gym, especially after illness, so coming back can be somewhat intimidating. After all of the praises that I’ve heard from family and friends that also come to 24 FIT, I knew that you could help motivate me and give me the expertise needed to get a fitness plan going. It has been remarkable to see your enthusiasm to assist people in getting healthy and fit as well. I appreciate all that you have done for me, and look forward to coming to the gym now with enthusiasm every morning, and have a positive attitude that I can do it. Many thanks again for your guidance.

Nicole R.

Joe Ferreira is an outstanding, dedicated, focused trainer who looks to help each one of his clients reach his or her individual potential. I have worked with Joe for over a year, and the results are astounding. He created a specific custom program for me and my body building goals. I am stronger, more fit, more agile, more muscular and more motivated due to Joe’s tenacity in pushing me harder but watching to be sure I was not injuring myself or going beyond my limits. He has made me realize that training is a lifelong commitment to physical, mental and emotional well-being.

Sandy M.

Joe was the catalyst not just to help me get into shape, but also to change my habits to create a long-lasting, healthier lifestyle. No doubt, he is tough and pushes you hard in the gym, but he also goes the extra mile to help you take care of yourself outside the gym…everything from monitoring and counseling you on your diet, to exercises you can do at home or on the road. I have been in the best shape of my life for the past 5 years, and I credit Joe for helping to make it all happen.

Mindi B.

Joe Ferreira is an expert in building strength. Of the thousands of hours I have spent in fitness facilities and the dozens of personal trainers I have known, Joe stands apart. Not only is he the best in the business when it comes to building muscle and endurance and giving nutritional advice but he is unequaled in his ability to show people how to tap into their inner strength. Always leading by example, Joe walks the walk and has an innate capacity to show people how to better themselves. Many fitness professionals can instruct and train people to improve their overall level of fitness but very few can inspire and teach the concepts that are required to be a truly healthy person. I have known Joe for over 25 years and each interaction is one I treasure for Joe is a teacher that selflessly gives and wants you to be stronger tomorrow. Joe has spent more time helping others discover their potential than anyone I know, he is a strong man in body, spirit and character and Wilmington is lucky to have such an expert and passionate fitness guru in their community.

Jeff B.